Re-thinking and Opening Curricula for Diverse Cultures

AEC Pre-Congress Workshop 2020

Who is the student? Who is the teacher?

The SMS Diversity, Identity, Inclusiveness Working Group will present its second publication “Decentering Curricula: Questions for Re-evaluating Diversity and Inclusiveness in HMEIs”, a compendium of self-reflective questions aimed to challenge the ways of thinking of curricula from a diversity perspective within the Higher Music Education (HME) institutions.

What do we study? What do we teach?

Diversity can challenge the educational experience, and HME institutions play a critical role in this effort by strengthening the focus on promoting access and defining what is meant by quality and success when different genres and musical traditions coexist and influence each other in institutions. There are, however, no universal answers to these issues. Thus this workshop will present questions to encourage the participants to reflect on and share experiences on how to build healthy and diverse learning environments all across Europe and beyond.

Where do we study? Where do we teach?

In the past months, the SMS Diversity, Identity, Inclusiveness Working Group has published a series of case studies on the SMS website, as part of its first publication How are diverse cultures integrated in the education of musicians across Europe? These case studies are meant to stimulate discussion, provide new ideas and show possible pathways for institutions to take. As a working group, we feel that we can learn from the experiences of others which help challenge our own ideas and perspectives. This is also our workshop’s methodological aim.

How do we study? How do we teach?

In order to discuss common issues at HME institutions and share experiences, the workshop will draw on plenary and small group activities in breakout rooms. Furthermore, the outcomes of the conversation will contribute to the “AEC – Strengthening Music in Society (SMS)” project.

Re-thinking and Opening Curricula for Diverse Cultures will be delivered on Wednesday 4th November, from 13:00 to 16:00 CET as part of the AEC Pre-Congress Sessions 2020. The attendance to this workshop is free of charge for all Congress participants, but registration is compulsory through this link. Access to the session will be given by sending a Zoom link before the session to all registered participants.

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