Special issue of Journal of Music, Technology and Education

Journal of music, technology and education has dedicated a special issue to the topic of ‘Technology and digital learning in higher music performance education: Experiences, opportunities and challenges’.

How does the introduction of technology and digital leaning in higher music education affect students’ learning and teachers’ and institutions’ practices? In what ways can the use of digital tools improve student-oriented, student-active and student-centred learning in conservatoires and music departments?

This special issue of Journal of Music, Technology and Education (JMTE) is a collaboration between JMTE and LATIMPE. Guest editors are Jon Helge Sætre (Chair for LATIMPE and CEMPE, Norwegian Academy of Music) and Luc Nijs (Chair of Digitisation WG, IPEM, Ghent University), in collaboration with the editorial team of the journal.

The special issue welcomes papers addressing the role and significance of technology and digital learning in teaching and learning in higher music education, with a particular focus on performance programmes. Contributions can be submitted by 1 October 2020.

Example of topics

  • Digital technology in music performance learning and teaching: examples, discussion, critique
  • Digital systems for long distance learning and performing in music higher education: opportunities and challenges
  • Technology applied in artistic performance and artistic development: examples, discussion, critique
  • Discussions of artistic, educational and philosophical rationales underlying digital learning in higher music performance education
  • Technology in higher music education in relation to student-centred learning
  • The music performance student as a researching artist through technology
  • Examples of ways in which the digitisation process can contribute to a better preparation for the job market

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